SAVU Water was born with a desire to put pure artesian water in the hands and homes of the world.  SAVU water is the finest quality; a truly natural artesian water, bottled at source on organic certified land in the rainforest of Fiji. Our company has grown little by little maintaining our family values caring for its people, the community, and the             environment and the future potential. We are proud that SAVU water is synonymous with pure, great tasting Fiji water.


Sourced from a beautiful rainforest precinct in Namosi, deep in the interior of the lush Fiji Islands comes SAVU®. Our source is far from any industry, housed in a natural aquifer, deep underground and is protected by land that has Organic Certification to ensure purity.

SAVU® is alkaline and smooth providing a natural mineral content that is refreshing and great on the palate. Our packaging is ethically produced and is not only unique in appearance but is also made with sustainability in mind.



 The bottle is slim and unique in design. Its shape is often preferred as an on-the-go bottle due to its grip and elegant features. Designed and made with care then exported from Fiji to the world, SAVU® delivers for those who choose to drink truly pure, natural artesian water. We are proud to say that SAVU WATER® is also certified by chefs and sommeliers of the International Quality Insititute.

SAVU® is the new generation of natural pure artesian water from Fiji.


 We believe that everyone should enjoy the taste of the water they drink and that the best water is natural; shaped by only the clouds it falls from and the rocks it is filtered through. 


 Of course, water is essential for life and mineral  has many of the electrolytes that the body needs - some also claim that alkalinity of water  has health benefits - but it can also taste great we believe that SAVU water naturally crafted by mother nature 1n Fiji - is the best we have ever tasted. You should try SAVU - it's helps you find your own paradise.